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PermaFloor is a 15mm thick magnesium oxychloride screed from Q Flooring Systems Ltd incorporating the highest quality raw materials and fillers. The PermaFloor screed system is ideal for medium and heavy duty environments. PermaFloor is ideal for use where high abrasion and impact resistance is of paramount importance.

PermaFloor is intended for use in dry areas and can be installed over a wide range of existing floor finishes including concrete, granolithic, steel tiles and ceramics. PermaFloor is unusual in that it does not require a damp proof membrane which is particularly advantageous for refurbishments of older buildings which have no damp proof membrane incorporated. PermaFloor does not require joints within its own structure. However, permanent expansion or contraction joints will need to be reproduced.

Due to its inherent properties PermaFloor is particularly suited to old oil contaminated concrete, or where in use, prolonged exposure to oil and fats is anticipated. Many types of industry benefit from the use of PermaFloor and include Engineering, Automotive, Aircraft, Armaments, Electronics and Warehousing. Recently PermaFloor has become increasingly popular in the commercial sector especially art galleries most notably the Hepworth Art Gallery in Wakefield.

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