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Natural stone is held in high regard because it has unique character, stability and grandeur. It has an attraction that does not date and is always in vogue.

It has an attraction that does not date and is always in vogue. Stone comes in various formats and range from granite through marbles to lime/sandstone. The diversity available is immense with a range of colours, textures and finishes now available at an affordable cost due to new improved quarrying, fabrication and transportation advances.

With such a range available and variation even within the stone blocks, it is important to select the correct stone for the purpose intended and establish the uniformity available within the tile/slab with set samples.

Q Flooring Systems Ltd have established over years a worldwide network of fabricators who will source the stone from local quarries and cut, shape and hone the finished article to exacting standards. Our teams of installers use traditional and the latest mechanical frame fixtures to install the stone to achieve a beauty and elegance that is hard to match. Our service continues into the lifetime of the project with teams of refurbishers available to undertake periodic refurbishment, even re-polishing and sealing.

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