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Ceramic tile finishes for wall and floor come in various types and a multitude of sizes. However, they are all based on the use of clay, fired at high temperatures. Finishes vary from roughened surfaces to highly decorative glaze and are commonly used in both interior and exterior locations.

Porcelain ceramics for use in heavy traffic areas are extremely durable, have a high resistance to chemical attack and are easily maintained with dirt and grime not penetrating into the near vitreous body of the tile. Being dry pressed the tiles are available in large format with exacting size and shape being the standard.

Q Flooring Systems Ltd has a wealth of experience in the sourcing of ceramic finishes both from British and overseas factories. Dealing direct with the manufacturers by cutting out the importer and distributor we can obtain the highest quality at competitive rates. All sourcing is undertaken on a project by project basis to avoid the problems of shade and calibre variation.

Our fixers are all experienced in adhesive, screed bedding and mechanical fixing techniques. We often use roller vibrating to install ceramic floor tiles in large retail outlets and are equally adept at refurbishing mall floor finishes at night to minimise disruption.