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MMA (Methyl methacrylate) is a fast setting acrylic resin that is fully cured 2 hours after the installation is complete and fit for all forms of use. Q Flooring Systems Ltd have a number of dedicated teams specialising in the installation of MMA resins for the retail sector.

The aesthetic capabilities of MMA resins allow accurate matching to terrazzo tiles, ceramic tiles and vinyl allowing customers to compliment pre-existing finishes or to create bespoke designs. The system comprises of primer, bodycoat with flake broadcast into it followed by the seal coats Alternatively, for areas requiring slip resistance such as food production/preparation areas the system build up is the same but quartz aggregate is broadcast in the bodycoat to achieve the slip resistance required.

MMA resins can be overlaid a range of existing finishes ensuring minimal disruption and create an exceptional bond to concrete, terrazzo and ceramic tiles amongst others. The bond between layers in MMA resins join chemically as oppose to mechanically meaning the layers cannot be separated. The system also does not require joints within its own structure. However, permanent expansion or contraction joints will need to be reproduced. MMA resins can be installed in external areas and are fully UV stable.

Large areas can be installed quickly overnight without affecting following trades establishing MMA resins as a true fast track system making it extremely popular in the retail sector. Q Flooring Systems Ltd have installed in excess of 200,000m² of MMA resins throughout the UK for all of the 4 major supermarket chains.

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